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Rick Friedrich on Free energy knowledge in relation to the Bigger picture

In response to Rick writing about unselfish circuits I wrote the following:

From my perspective it is exciting to see Rick ” coming out ” with all of this paradigm. If Einstein came out with Scriptures from the Bible written on his chalkboard alongside his equations we probably would never have read about him today. The evolutionary establishment would have ensured he went down the memory hole.
Self interest is constantly lurking in the background trying to keep devoted Christians from coming out in case they lose business opportunities.
I expect that Rick will lose the support of many and tongues will be wagging as they gnash their teeth over the inclusion of Religion alongside what to many of them is nothing to do with religion. I expect that Rick would have wrestled over these things before deciding to go with it. It’s all good for the hearts of many are exposed as to the true inner beliefs and motives.
Being challenged with this presentation is always a good thing for us personally. Are we ourselves selfish circuits or selfless circuits? Thanks Rick for deciding to go this way at this time

Ricks reply

“Yes this is true. Let me explain a little more along these lines for those who may be offended by all this.

And yes I have had a Christian friend say this was very wrong of me to present this as science along-side of the truths of God. Same friend is more open than at first.
I make no apology for any important facts or truths. I will not compartmentalize the truth for political correctness. And I am doing this as part of a very big plan. The plan is the book and Museum and full development of this science, etc. The plan is to radically change the world in a way that purely focuses on the hearts and minds of people, with an opposite motive and force than the world is used to or is under bondage to presently. Today the world is run by lies, pressure, selfishness, greed, manipulation, ignorance, etc. People of all religions and even agnostics, skeptics, and atheists can agree with these things (and I know because I have as an apologist many times debated skeptics and atheists on universities across the country who pretty much all eventually respected my position or intentions in these matters). When someone has truly emptied themselves of selfish ambition and seeks only the truth, and does everything in their power to remove all prejudgment, and prioritises their research to seek the most important matters to pursue in life, and with childlike trust implores the God of heaven to give them the grace needed, then people can respect such intentions and the good Lord can open up the heavens according to His promise. When people are thus encouraged to so live, and all of our problems in life are claimed to be solved by first being this way, what offence can people have to such a solution to the world’s problems. No money is required, no pressure given, no party is promoted, no lies or prejudice are to be tolerated, and people are encouraged to not believe what is told them but rather independently study out the truth in all matters and to learn how to think honestly, thoroughly, and logically. Who can fault these suggestions: To be selfless, giving and to love everyone? Yes people take offense with any idea, especially any new way of doing things. Everyone offends many people no matter what you do. But true love can conquer all. True love can break the power of selfishness, and has done so here and there throughout history. True love from heaven is something so unusual and powerful that people can be overcome by it in a way and moved by it far more than 1000 facts and considerations of those with no love. People are used to everyone being greedy, or selfish, or sinful, or prejudiced. It is the way of life in our culture. Just as they are used to our circuits and energy bills. Something is very wrong with the world. And something needs to be done completely different than the norm if things are going to change for the better. Once again, it is the opposite of what people expect or look for. Just as people think getting and possessing is the answer to happiness, in reality it is in giving and not seeking to control others and circumstances that we find our place and true happiness. When we come under the True authority and find our place or calling under the guidance of the Infinite mind and plan, then we have rest that cannot be taken from us (Romans 8). This changes everything. So the answer is often found in the opposite place from where everyone is looking. 
For those who think this is all off topic I am sorry if any of this upsets you. It will take a little while to explain these purposes and this focus. Eventually you will see where it all goes. As I have said, the problems in the technological world with suppression of truth, greed, prejudice, etc., are actually spiritual problems at heart. They will not be overcome with more of the same. The forces that control are very powerful and will hold this power at all costs. Until individuals turn away from all the bondages they are placed under and begin to live differently, not only outwardly, but inwardly first, they will continue to be enslaved in one way or another, and these Lords of war and business and countries will continue to win. We must be freed from the spirit of this slavery. If we merely want freedom to indulge selfish pursuits, even if they are considered minor and relatively innocent, then we are still no better off and no better than these that enslave the masses. The whole root of selfishness is the great evil in all areas of life. And even the religions of the world including most Christians today expect everyone to remain relatively selfish. So most just accept this even while they complain about it. But the answer is entirely overthrowing the selfish system. And I am NOT talking about violently changing other people, because you cannot force someone to be unselfish. I AM talking about overthrowing our OWN selfish hearts which can seem violent when we consider the pain it causes us (but in actuality it is just a simple letting go of all things for the true love of all and earnest seeking of everyone’s relative value). So we must let go of all lies and not fall into traps of responding to evil with more evil. What will work with this technology is to use it and not force it upon others. We share information and encourage peacefully. And if we live as we desire all people to live then we will be a powerful influence to encourage others to do be the same. I am not talking about humanism here either. It would only do a little good to merely be a good influence. But if we are living in the will of God, and we have the confidence to ask and receive anything, then we can do a lot of good and bless thousands and maybe millions.  
Yes this costs me everything. But I have nothing to lose so that isn’t very much. I have long thought about these things.This is not about religion even though people may think it is. It is about all of our lives. We all believe something. We all recognize that mistakes and lies exist in this world. We all know things should be different. I am attempting to encourage that which has completely changed my life and the lives of millions throughout history. I am here attempting to give away facts that I once wondered if the doing would cost me my life as it appears to have cost others theirs. I want people to have the free gifts of God. I want people to save their money. I want them to be free of debt. Free of pressure. Free of all bondages that enslave them. Free of the drugs and chemicals and radiations and false foods that destroy their bodies, impair their mental processes, and weaken their drive, lessen their independance. I am working for the same things that so many people seek to promote. But most people limit their pursuits to certain issues and fail to see the ultimate problem in life. If you only fight the surface then the problem will always be there and you will lose. If you cut out the root the tree will fall and you can plant the right seed. So I couldn’t give this information away without a means to expose the real problem at the heart of this system that enslaves us. It is not merely the knowledge or system itself that is the problem. It is the powers that control us. If we as a general population remain individually and collectively not just ignorant but selfish (as knowledge is not enough to win the war) then it doesn’t matter if we have right technology because the powers will just take it away or tax it one way or another. BUT IF WE REALISE THAT AT THE HEART OF THE MATTER WE ARE ENSLAVED TO BE SELFISH THEN WE CAN BEGIN TO REVOLT AGAINST THAT WITH THE ONLY SOLUTION WHICH IS UNSELFISH HOLY LOVE. That is, if we come to realize that the object of those that are enslaving the world, is indeed to enslave the world at the heart level, then we can see that the war is at a fundamental level and not the surface. They will trick you to fight at the surface so that you will never win the war. But if you get to the root of the problem you will see the answer. Thus I am trying to write a book about the fundamental problem at the root of why our culture is so lost and enslaving everyone. So when we as individuals wake up to this and begin to look at everything in our lives then we will begin to see the lies everywhere. This leads many to despair and hopelessness. So I am trying to encourage not some information without context. I am trying to give a holistic approach to all of this, with an historical context, a global context, a heavenly context. I want everyone to be aware of the fact that we have been attacked for a long time by design. Our schools have been teaching us to just believe what we are told and believe what we desire rather than how to think honestly. Our food has been poisoned. Our technology has destroyed our bodies. Our entertainment has diverted our attention and energy away from what is useful and helpful and has made us addicted. We have become in debt and bankrupt. We have become immoral and truly unhappy. We have become addicted, violent, and hopeless. Etc., etc., etc. By God’s grace I will show the details of all of these things and more even as I am doing in this free energy presentation bit by bit. My point is that we must see that this is a vast plan to keep us slaves to ourselves and the selfish system. Notice that there is little or no teaching against this entire thing, and the root problem. Have you ever wondered why people are just fighting the surface issues? Because the war has long been won by the slave-traders. But a new day is coming that overcomes the world by faith. A new day of righteousness for those who will let go and believe there is no limits to grace from heaven. A day where this ancient root will be cut down and cast into the fire! And people will start to live as they ought to. They will listen to that heavenly calling and will no longer follow the ways of selfishness. What do you want? What do you see? As for me, I’m done with it. I have nothing to possess but for love to increase and overcome. 
In the past I would have thought this kind of approach would have indeed turned people off. But I do not see this as something I came up with and I expect it to move forward in due time to bring forth good fruit. I look with faith to the unlimited grace of God for mankind. The fields are rip. The time is right to bring light and energy and love to those who are truly hungry. Those who see will be made blind and those who are blind will come to see. The meek shall inherit the earth by faith. There is no limits to the faith of the truly holy. 
There is a lot more technology available besides free energy. And that is another story. This is just the beginning. Right now just a little grace is given because mankind in general ignores it. If we fully appreciate all the truth given, then can you imagine what will happen???
Rick”  taken from Yahoo group 7 March 2016